2D/ 2N Berkelah Falls Trek

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Situated in the Berkelah Forest Reserve some 50km from Kuantan, this popular trekking destination features a mature river, Sungei Berkelah cutting through granite hill and fashioning a beautiful series of eight cascades with the highest & biggest about 60m in height.

Along the way up to the main waterfall, be ready to go on an adventure of river crossings and mild climbing whilst getting mesmerized by the smaller waterfalls. For the brave hearted, the place also boasts of cliff jumping into deep pools and views of a magnificent 30m twin-falls.

Once near the main waterfall, one is treated to a natural spa of jacuzzi and hydrotheraphy at a small pool of clear water suitable for swimming and relaxing. The night can also be spent lying on ledges under the starry sky below the soothing sounds of the falls.

The place is especially popular amongst the locals and Singaporeans seeking a break from the city life. The beauty and calls of the nature beckons many to this beautiful place.


  DAY 1:  
  2100 Meet at Lavender Bus Station
  2200 Bus leaves for Malaysia/ ZZzzzz.....
  DAY 2:  
  0500 Arrival at Kuantan Town/ breakfast
  0600 Transport transfer to Berkelah Falls trailhead
  0730 Arrival at trailhead
  0800 Start trek
  1100 Arrival at campsite. Setup campsite.
  1200 Lunch/ R & R
  1800 Prepare for dinner
  2000 Games and R & R!
  DAY 3:  
  0700 Wake up and prepare for descent
  0800 Breakfast
  0830 Descend back to trailhead
  1030 Transport pickup to Kuantan town
  1200 Arrival Kuantan town and Lunch!
  1330 Bus back to JB
  2000 Arrival at JB/ Transfer back to SIN

What to Expect

The trek brings you to the beautiful twin falls 1st. Followed by a short trek in the forest. After which the trek will consist of trekking along the cliffs with some rock scrambling along the river bank. Beautiful cascades along the way and plenty of pools to dip into! :)


S$135/ person (Public transport)    
S$155/ person (Private Chartered van)    

What is Included

Not Included

  • Public transport/ Private chartered van*
  • Transport transfer to trailhead
  • Private transfer from Larkin back to SIN if by public transport
  • Accompanying trek guide
  • Camping equipment
  • Food during trek


    *Cost differs

  • Food and drinks in town

Departure Dates

Do check back for more dates!  

Arrange a Private Group

If you have a group of 10 or more friends we can operate your own private Terra group at special discounted prices. You can also choose your own departure dates and make special arrangements as well. Do contact us for further information.

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